Bahram Hotel has about 55 square meters of space including reception services, health bedrooms and bathroom is quite distinct and equipped with amenities such as separate televisions in bedrooms and reception, air conditioning, separate gas coolers for bedrooms and receptions, etc.

Introducing hotel

Bahram hotel near the holy shrine Imam Reza, (At a distance of about four minutes walk to the shrine), Including 12 1-bedroom apartment with modern design and architecture, We pride in providing you top modern hotel services, mixed with the Iranian's hospitality.
Cafenet of Hotel Bahram Enjoying the best and most advanced computer systems and telecommunications equipment, and with all the special 24-hour reception ready to service to dear guests.

Cafeteria of Hotel Bahram With a variety of hot and cold drinks in the relaxed and beautiful atmosphere ready to serve 24 hours of you.

Includes Reception Hall, bedroom, kitchen with the best and most modern equipment and beautiful decorations to suit any taste and amenities such as bathroom, including Iranian and foreign, internal and satellite networks, container kitchen with all facilities and access to internet, Air conditioning, Gaseous cooler, sofa, bed , etc.
Advanced audio and video system with 15 TV channel, 24-hours Cafenet, 24-hours cafeteria, 24-hours room service, 24-hours taxi service, Laundry, exclusive parking, tickets and hotel reservation possible around the world, patrol tours inside and outside city, modern security systems.
Dear guests and honorable pilgrims of Imam Reza
I thank god I am proud that I welcome you, Although we know decent service is difficult, but my colleagues and I will always try to improve facilities, services and our behavior to satisfy you.
Dear guests, My colleagues and I obliged to offer desirable and worthy services, so we accept the shortcomings and try to solve them.
Yours faithfully
Bahram Hotel management

Iran, Mashhad, Khosravi-no Avenue, Andarzgoo12 street, Shahid Ghannadi lane
Tel: (009851) 32242034 - 32242035 - 32242036 - 32218523 - 32218524 - 32254567
Fax: (009851) 32228089